Present instructors

Jocelyne Boucher


In 2011, I started practicing yoga with Meera and Mr. Saxena  at the International School of St-Lambert. Having noticed my interest in yoga, Mr. Saxena strongly encouraged me to take formal training. Thus, I started a Dyvia Yoga training which laid the foundation for my journey on the path of yoga.  

I then undertook two other trainings, totaling 500 hours in Hatha Yoga. In addition, I took specialized training in chair yoga, which since 2015 has allowed me to have the opportunity to offer classes in different settings. 

ears, yoga and meditation have been an integral part of my life. In my opinion, practicing yoga and meditation regularly promotes physical well-being and inner peace. 

 I am deeply grateful to Mr. Saxena for guiding me towards this passion that I now share with people.

Meera Trivedi

is  yoga instructor trained by Patanjali yoga peeth. Being born in Brahmin family, yoga was her everyday ritual as far as she can remember.   She was able to do head stand even when she was in pre-school. Her first yoga teacher was her father. She can remember her father sitting in courtyard on yoga mat and doing  alternate nostril breathing. After doing B.Sc with Biology and Chemistry she became the biology teacher in a high school in India. By teaching human anatomy and physiology and doing yoga gradually she understood the usefulness and scientific facts involved behind Yoga. She immigrated to United States in 1994 and then got married and immigrated to Canada. Presently she works in lab for Chambly Academy.

She believes that yoga on mat like aerobics has therapeutic and physiotherapeutic effects but simultaneously she also believes on yoga beyond mat too. If we do yoga and also lead pious, guilt free life then our organs will work properly. Because the moment we do something wrong our heart beat increases so why to do something wrong in the first place. She believes and follows devotional and karma yoga first and then come to do yoga on mat. All these things add a lot to our longevity, health and soul. She believes that  for the proper functioning of mind laughter yoga and super brain yoga can make a great contribution.  She also tries to follow eight limbs of yoga as much as she can.

Mihaela Bostan Frandes

In 2010, Mr. Saxena and MeeraJee introduced me to yoga, and in 2013, I completed a 380-hour training course to become a teacher of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Since then, I have been practicing and teaching yoga whenever possible. Yoga is more than just an activity for me, it’s a way of life that helps me stay focused, engage in physical activities, and handle daily tasks with ease. To me, the Saturday Yoga classes at Saint Lambert International High School are about building a community, fostering friendship, and demonstrating dedication.

Past instructor

Vinesh Saxena

is a Yoga instructor trained by Patanjali Yoga peeth. He has been practicing Yoga since his childhood. Mr. Saxena is “self-made person”. He came from a modest family and worked hard to achieve his objectives. He earned many merit scholarships while he was a student. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Masters in business Administration along with an Accounting designation. He has worked an engineer and has taught on a part-time basis at Concordia and McGill Universities.

He retired around his 50’s to pursue his passion. He has established a private charitable foundation which helps the people in need. On his foundation web site he also “Seven simple principals of life”. If people follow these principals, they can gain control of their lives, be happy and self sufficient beings.

As a second objective the foundation he also challenges to find answers to unanswered questions including “Is there a soul”? “Is there life after death”  “Does God exist”?

With the continuing themes of “ helping the needy” and spirituality he started “Free Yoga sessions” to everyone beginning January 2010. No matter what, these Yoga sessions are held every Saturday (52 weeks a year) to help the well being of people and betterment of society. .