To make basic yoga practice easily accessible to everyone without charge.

Founder of Divya Yoga Swami Ram Dev says “Good Health is birth right of mankind”. By performing yoga postures,/asanas, exercises,  mudras, pranayams, meditation and by providing practical motivational discourse assist in developing stress free mind and disease free body. Help in taking care of body, mind and soul and living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Emphasize that the key to healthy physical body and sound mental state is under one’s control. By getting in touch with one’s inner self we can experience state of “Bliss and Anand”

This Divya yoga is for people of all ages. We start out with warm-up exercises ( 12-15), sun salute and motivational discourse. Then we practice 90-100 combination of asanas, postures and exercises. We also perform some acupressure, 6 mudras, 7 pranayams and micro exercises for eyes, fingers, toes, face and neck. Also included is laughter yoga and super brain yoga. We end with ‘Shav Asana’, motivational poem, mantra and prayer,

After yoga super food i. e. grapes and banana are available for Yogies.

Yoga is a marvelous means of exercising, stretching, and relaxing the body/mind so it can be a healthy and long-lived. It helps in the co-ordination of the body,mind and soul. We also create an environment where people can interact for their betterment and good of society.